Levno are the leaders in farm monitoring and the proven provider of Milk Vat Monitoring Systems (MVMS) in New Zealand. Levno allows you to have multiple products in one scalable, easy to use dashboard, so you can see what is happening on your farm.

Levno is so confident in our system that we are offering all Fonterra shareholders a chance to try Levno before you make your official section. If for any reason you don’t like Levno, we will remove it at no cost, and you can select another system.

Levno’s base model option also comes with an optional free 6 month subscription* to Levno Fuel, their award winning fuel monitoring system and the only approved petrol monitoring system in New Zealand.
*One fuel tank only, $50 install fee

Levno Trim Milk - Base Model

No additional cost*

  • Milk inlet & vat temps
  • Vat volume
  • Milk agitation
  • Milking start / stop time
  • Ongoing training
  • 24 hour support
  • Up to 40 text alerts per month
  • Unlimited email alerts per month
  • Up to 2 users per farm

Levno Blue Top Milk - Base Model + Extras

Additional cost* of $20 per month with the first 6 months free

All the features of Levno Trim Milk plus:

  • Personalised escalated alert call
  • Unlimited users per farm
  • Up to 100 text alerts per month
  • Alert escalation
  • Full data history
  • Advanced alerts – including:
    • Milk pick up alert - Milk not collected
    • Vat wash - run
    • Vat wash not hot enough
  • Free 6 months fuel monitoring subscription for one tank.
    There is a $50 install fee. One tank only.

*The provider has additional T & C's which apply for the following models: Levno Trim Milk, Levno Blue Top Milk.

Additional dairy monitoring and control systems available from Levno

Levno Full Cream Milk

Additional cost of $45 per month.

Includes all Trim Milk (base model) & Blue Top features plus:

  • Vat door monitoring
  • Outlet tap monitoring
  • Customisable Reporting
  • Multi-farm Reporting
  • In shed Alerts (Audible or visual)

Levno for Fuel

  • Levno is the market leader for fuel monitoring and monitors over 4,000 fuel tanks in NZ.
  • Get alerted instantly if fuel is taken, at any time of day or night, receiving immediate notifications when fuel is added or removed.
  • Levno has the ability to relay fuel level information to your fuel supplier so you never run out.

Levno for Water

  • Levno helps to eliminate water loss and ensures you stay compliant by monitoring flow rates through your farm water system and the level of your tanks.
  • Compare usage to daily consent allowances and receives alerts when there are water leaks.

Levno for Effluent

  • Levno monitors the effluent level and volumes in storage ponds. Along with line pressure of effluent lines and pumps.
  • Levno notifies you when there’s a problem with your spreader and allows you to stop and start your pump remotely from your phone.

Levno for Silo

  • Levno monitors your feed silo levels so you never have to guess again. Letting you know in real time how much feed is available.
  • Customisable alerts ensure you will you never run out of feed again. (Available September 2020)

Weather and Soil Monitoring (coming late 2020)

Levno is developing new products in the Levno set of products.

  • Levno for Soil will measure the moisture content in the soil at multiple points across your farm allowing you to make critical irrigation decisions.
  • Levno for Weather will measure and send a range of alerts keep you informed about weather rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind velocity, and direction, to allow you to make farm management decisions based on the actual weather on your farm.

For more detail on all the options visit www.levno.com or call 0800 453 866 to see more information.