Halo Systems

Halo Systems

With HALO you can truly future proof your farm by building on your base model, at any time. We have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. HALO are the only provider that offer proven, effluent, water, weather, soil moisture and automated fail safe systems with remote command and control.

The systems are designed to allow easy upgrades so that they can grow with your needs. We know from 20 years experience on dairy farms, no two farms are the same, the HALO team can put together a solution to suit your specific needs.

Freedom to access all your important data and control infrastructure through the HALO dashboard available on your mobile phone or PC, meaning you don’t have to be there to know what’s going on.

Additional dairy monitoring and control systems available from HALO

Effluent Monitoring

  • Monitor conditions such as storage pond level, application amounts, pump and stirrer status.
  • Flow, line pressure and irrigator movement fail safes with alerts
  • Movement fail-safe, traveling irrigator or pivots
  • Proof-of-placement and geo-fencing
  • Pod placement and pressure guard
  • ‘Greenwater’ priority storage for flood wash management
  • Sump control

Water Monitoring

  • Leak detection, compliance monitoring and irrigation control can be difficult HALO water systems give you the ability to control and monitor your on-farm water.
  • Monitor conditions such as water level or flow at a local, remote, unattended or inaccessible location
  • Control equipment by remote command
  • Compatible with water filtration and purification systems

Weather Monitoring

  • Make better decisions about pasture management and effluent spreading with the HALO farm weather station
  • Set up single or multi-site weather stations on your property thatgive you live, up-to-the-minute data
  • Rainfall information, soil moisture levels, ambient and soil temperature information as well as wind direction and speed are all available at your fingertips
  • The simple HALO Weather system starts with rainfall and soil moisture and further components can be added as your needs change

Feed Silo Monitoring

  • Add a LevAlert to the wall of your silo and get a visual notification when the contents fall below the sensor
  • Connect the LevAlert to a HALO unit and get text and e-mail alerts whenever the contents in the silo fall below the device
  • For total volume, use the HALO laser silo level to show how full your silo is. Alerts can be generated when the silo falls below a level you decide
  • The system can also generate an automatic e-mail to your supplier letting them know you’re ready for another delivery.

For more detail on all the options visit www.halosystems.co.nz or call 0800 476 380 to see more information.

Milk Vat Monitoring

HALO Basic - Base Model

No additional cost

  • Milk inlet & vat temps
  • Vat volume
  • Milk agitation
  • Milking start / stop time
  • Ongoing training
  • 24 hour support
  • Up to 50 text alerts per month
  • Unlimited email alerts per month
  • Up to 2 users per farm

HALO Premium - Base Model + Extras

Additional cost* of $15 per month per vat

All the features of HALO Basic plus:

  • Managed dashboard setting changes
  • On call techs and 24-hour phone support
  • Management of excessive alerts
  • Ongoing training
  • Proactive dashboard user management (seasonal changes)
  • One-to-one account management
  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 100 text alerts per month
  • Automated outage and fault monitoring
  • Full dashboard functionality and reporting

*The provider has additional T & Cs which apply for the following models:Halo Premium.