SuperCard FAQs

As of May 1 2022, all Farm Source account holders will be issued with a Rewards card in place of a SuperCard. This is in line with the expansion of our Rewards programme to allow all Farm Source account holders, not just our Fonterra Farmers, to earn and redeem Farm Source Reward Dollars. The Rewards card works the same as the SuperCard and is accepted widely amongst 2000+ retailers nationwide.

If your SuperCard is expiring soon you will be reissued with a new Rewards card. Once you have set up your PIN number and activate the card (which cannot be activated at a Farm Source store) you will be able to continue spending and saving.

How does SuperCard work?

The SuperCard works like a credit or EFTPOS card - when you make purchases from any participating retailer you simply swipe your card, press 'Credit' as the tender type and enter your 4 digit PIN.

You'll be provided with a confirmation and GST receipt and your purchase will appear on your next Farm Source statement. Please remember to retain your receipt as proof of purchase.

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How do I order a new SuperCard?

Complete the SuperCard application form or call our Customer Service Team on 0800 731 266 to request a new or additional card. When your application is complete, send it to Farm Source, P.O Box 9045, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton or drop it into your local store.

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How do I activate my SuperCard?

A new SuperCard needs to be activated to protect your security and privacy. Once received the named card holder should call 0800 731 266 to confirm their identity before the card can be used.

If the person calling is not listed as a current contact person, our Customer Service Team can request confirmation from the account holder.

Within 24 hours of activation your SuperCard will be ready for use. Please ensure you activate your card as soon as possible and destroy any old SuperCard, that will be deactivated within 24 hours.

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What is my PIN number and how do I change or reset it?

When you use your new SuperCard to purchase goods for the first time you will need to set a 4 digit PIN for security.

If you'd like to reset your PIN at any time please call 0800 731 266. Alternatively Farm Source store staff can contact our Customer Service Team on your behalf to help you reset your PIN.

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What is the annual cost for a SuperCard and what does it cover?

At present there is no annual fee for a SuperCard.

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Are there fees associated with using the SuperCard?

No transaction fees apply when you use your SuperCard.

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Will I be charged interest?

The current rates for default interest and arranged finance can be found here.

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Can I defer payment on this purchase?

No - financing is not provided on SuperCard purchases.

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What is my current credit limit and how can I change it?

Contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 731 266 for all information related to your credit limit.

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My SuperCard isn't working - how do I get a new one and what is the cost?

Notify us as soon as possible by calling our Customer Service Team on 0800 731 266.

Your card comes with a 3 year life span. If during these 3 years the card stops working it will be replaced at no cost.

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My SuperCard has been lost or stolen - what should I do?

Notify us as soon as possible by calling our Customer Service Team on 0800 731 266 to cancel your card, once your card has been cancelled it cannot be reactivated.

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I have had a charge appear on my Farm Source account that is not mine - what do I do?

As soon as you notice an incorrect charge please call 0800 731 266 to advise the team and we will investigate further.

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The goods I bought are faulty, what should I do?

If any goods are faulty or require repairs, return them to the retailer that you purchased them from with your receipt of purchase.

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A retailer has advised they are no longer taking the SuperCard?

Contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 731 266 for alternative retailers.

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Do I need my fuelcard and a SuperCard?

You can purchase your fuel from Caltex, Mobil, and Z Energy on your SuperCard and still take advantage of our discounted fuel prices.

If you prefer to use BP for your fuel purchases please use your Fuel Card to take advantage of 3c per litre off the national fuel price at BP. Call 0800 731 266 for an application form.

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Why doesn't the new card work at BP and Gas?

The BP and GAS EFTPOS system will not accept your new SuperCard. BP and GAS are working through the required system updates to enable the SuperCard to be accepted at all BP and GAS service stations.

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Can I use my supermarket vouchers and any other loyalty schemes offer as well as the discount on my SuperCard?

No - if you are using your SuperCard you cannot redeem your supermarket voucher or any other loyalty scheme offer.

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