Plant for Good

What is Plant for Good?

Plant for Good has been designed to support farmers who require a full end-to-end planting service.

Farm Source has partnered with Wildlands to connect farmers that require planting on their farm to a service that guarantees an establishment rate.

This end-to-end service includes site assessment, eco-sourcing of plants, planting, maintenance and monitoring. There are a number of planting options including riparian, indigenous, shelterbelt and forestry/woodlot – all providing positive benefits.

Reasons for planting

We know that farmers are motivated to plant for various reasons and we want to cater to all of these:

Best chance of survival

Planting yourself, or programmes where there is little to no maintenance, generally have survival rates of 40-50% due to plant selection issues, lack of monitoring and labour shortages for maintenance.

Wildlands guarantee a survival rate of at least 90% at 24 months

They do this through:

  • Planning: Plant species and grades selected by experts to ensure the right plant is in the right place, for the right purpose
  • Eco-sourcing: Plants are eco-sourced regionally to ensure they are suited to cope with your climatic conditions
  • Maintenance and monitoring: Wildlands will monitor and maintain plants at appropriate levels over 24 months post-planting

Farm Environment Plan (FEP) and the Co-operative Difference

Planting is an important part of the solution to the environmental challenges we face, and can support the actions of your FEP. As a Fonterra supplier, click here to find out about the Co-operative Difference and how a FEP supports the Environment focus area.

About our partner

We know that farmers are motivated to plant for various reasons and we want to cater to all of these.

Wildlands is a progressive consultancy service committed to providing high quality ecological information, advice and technical services to a wide range of clients, including private landowners and businesses, government departments, regional & district councils, large corporations and other consultancy firms.

In 2019, a partnership with Farm Source was born to take the amazing ecological work Wildlands have been doing for many years and bring it to Kiwi farms.

Wildlands know our beautiful land through-and-through and want to help us protect it for generations to come.

How to access the service

Talk to Wildlands today at 0800 PLANT4GD (0800 752 684) or email

Alternatively, your local Farm Source team can put you in contact with a Wildlands consultant who will work with you to tailor a bespoke planting plan for your farm.

Plans include tasks and timeframes, estimated costs for work and a map of the planting area using up-to-date aerial photography.

Wildlands will provide an end-to-end service including site assessment, farmer support, eco-sourcing of plants, planting, maintenance and monitoring which will ensure the survival rate of at least 90% at 24 months.