Rubbish to Reusable

We're making it easier than ever for you to responsibly manage your on-farm waste through Rubbish to Reusable solutions. Whether you are looking to get rid of your agrichemical containers at one of our stores, or manage your agricultural plastic waste on-farm, we have solutions for you.

What can I recycle?

Container recycling

Free recycling of empty agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene containers from participating brand owners.

Learn more about Agrecovery container recycling ➔

Plasback soft plastic recycling

Recycle various rural plastics such as bailing wrap, twine, and polythene pipe through the Plasback system on your farm.

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Agrecovery Container Recycling

Only containers from participating brand owners are free to recycle. Look for the Agrecovery logo on the pack, or check the list of brands you can recycle for free in-store. Please leave the label on for identification at the collection site.

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Containers must be:

  • Plastic, 0 - 60 litres in size, with lid and pail handles removed (pail lids can be folded and placed inside pail).
  • Free from chemical residue and dirt inside and out - containers must be triple rinsed and well-drained.
  • Product label must be left on to show container is from a participating brand owner.

Learn about recycling options for 61 - 1,000 litre drums ➔

Head down to your local Farm Source to recycle your plastic and agrichemical containers.

  • All containers are inspected before being accepted, and a recycling receipt is issued.
  • Large users (300+ containers) can request on-property collection.

Please note that containers can only be recycled at Alert Level 1 or 2.

Check to see if your local store is ready to collect your Agrecovery containers

Plasback Rural Plastics Recycling

Plasback operates as a simple bin and liner system, which when combined with on-farm collection, makes recycling on-farm plastics easy.

Examples of rural plastics available for recycling include:

  • Bailing wrap
  • Twine
  • Vineyard nets
  • Ecolab® drums

Plus a wide range of waste plastics including polythene pipe.

Simply purchase a bin and liner online or at your local Farm Source store and organise collection when your bin is full.

Contact Plasback for collection services on 0508 338 240, or visit their website,

Learn more about Plasback ➔

Helping you meet The Co-Operative Difference Environment achievement

Managing on-farm plastics through an approved product stewardship scheme contributes to the Environment achievement of The Co-operative Difference. When Fonterra Farmers recycle containers at their local Farm Source store, the receipts and online records can be used to verify participation.