Autumn Pasture, all in one place

Autumn Pasture, all in one place

As your on-farm partner, we build on many seasons of knowledge and understand all elements on farm are working hard at this time of the year. We are therefore here to help, with our proven seed, ag-chem and fertiliser specialists, to optimise your Autumn pasture results this season.

Our team of Technical Sales reps and trusted partners are able to work comprehensively with you to evaluate and plan a custom solution tailored to your farms specific requirements. We’re here to help you plan the best mix of fertiliser, pasture renewal, crop management and agrichemical solutions to make the most of every single blade this season and the next.

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Optimise your profits on pasture

Reward yourself this Autumn. Earn Double Bonus FS$ when you buy both Seed/Ag-Chem & Fertiliser all in one place! To put this into perspective, look at the tables below, the first table is based on what an average farm size would generally spend on Fertiliser & Seed/Ag-Chem. Based on this level of spend you could expect to earn FS$780.00. The second graph shows typical spend on a smaller farm.

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