Facial Eczema 2021

Preventing Facial Eczema

Facial Eczema is actually a misleading name for a very dangerous liver disease which costs NZ dairy farmers around $100 million every year in lost production.

By the time you see the signs of Facial Eczema on the skin, it's too late - because the hidden, subclinical damage could already be causing pain and stress to your cows and costing you up to 2kgMS per cow per week. Severe cases can cost double that in lost production as well as forcing you to dry off up to 60 days early.

We have the stock and experience with products across leading brands to protect your herd and production this season.

Introducing ZincCheck by Farm Source

ZincCheck by Farm Source is a new service available exclusively to Fonterra farmers that enables you to check that your herd has appropriate zinc levels to manage the risks of Facial Eczema during the season.

From 17 January 2022, you will be able to check the level of zinc in your herd's milk and your first test is free.

Facial Eczema: A Proactive Approach

We have created a video series to share knowledge and advice on what Facial Eczema is, the signs to watch for, the effects it can have on milk production and how to prevent it. You can also test your herd to see if they have the right zinc levels with ZincCheck by Farm Source.

Check them out, as well as our hub of information below ↴

Episode 1: What is Facial Eczema?

Veterinarian and Head of VetEnt Research Emma Cuttance has the answers.

Episode 2: Early treatment with ZINC is the best defence against Facial Eczema

Technical Sales Representative Nick Anderson explains the different application methods.

Episode 3: Sub clinical symptoms of Facial Eczema and how it can effect milk production

Veterinarian and Head of VetEnt Research, Emma Cuttance, explains the subclinical symptoms of Facial Eczema and how it can effect milk production.

Episode 4: Julene Fisher talks about how her farm was affected by Facial Eczema

Julene Fisher talks about how her farm was affected by this debilitating disease and how she took action and now uses Time Capsules as a preventative measure.

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