Bio Start Calf Enzyme Feed Additive 5L

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Product Description

A prebiotic which establishes the right rumen microbes sourced from top producing cows, to give calves a great start.


  • Contains fermentation extracts from five strains of bacteria
  • Contains rennet to increase milk clotting and casein digestion
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Boosts new born calves immunity with an initial oral dose of 2ml/head immediately after the first feed
  • Over first 21 days it can be mixed with whole milk or milk replacer at rate of 1ml/head/feed (feed within 20 minutes)


  • Helps boost immune function and fight against disease-causing organisms
  • Aids in the utilisation of liquid feeds and early rumen development
  • Reduces the likelihood of scours
  • Increases live weight gain
  • Easy to use and palatable