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FlashMate® Electronic Heat Detector 96 pack


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Product Description

Based on hundreds of hours of research, the smarts inside FlashMate™ are looking for specific patterns of riding activity such as frequency, number and length. FlashMate™ flashes red for 26 hours once the right heat activity pattern is detected to indicate the cow is ready for artificial insemination. Once AI’d if the same cow does not come back into heat within 25 days, FlashMate™ will flash green to indicate possible conception. If the same cow returns to heat again FlashMate™ will again flash red.


  • Comes with 4x Spay Glue
  • Easy application – the units are extremely easy to apply and maintain
  • Detects multiple heats – will flash red again for the next detected heat cycle if AI has failed.
  • Improved accuracy - smarter detection, looking for patterns (length, time, frequency) rather than what could be a single event.
  • Operates 24/7 and looks for spikes in contact activity, a large percentage of mounting activity happens at night.
  • Low experience required - Needs significantly less understanding and skill in correctly identifying heats, yet achieves what the best human operators are capable of – anyone can do it allowing time off during the mating season for experienced personnel.


  • Submit the right cows for AI
  • Up your 6 week in-calf rate
  • Increase your days in milk
  • Compatible with tail paint - due to the unit’s location, FlashMate™ does not interfere with tail paint application.
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