Instakil Electronic Rat and Mouse Zapper

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Product Description

Uses smart electronic circuitry to store and release electrical energy that humanely kills rodents in a matter of seconds. Bait such as dry pet food is placed at the rear of the chamber and the switch flicked to the ON position. When the rat or mouse approaches the bait their front feet come in contact with the metal detection plate causing an instant release of the stored electrical energy, humanely exterminating the rodent. The LED indicator light located on the top illuminates when there is a dead rodent inside the chamber. Operates from 4 x 'D' cell high quality alkaline batteries (not included) which provide sufficient energy to kill 10 to 20 rodents depending upon the type of battery used and the time Instakil is turned on.


  • Instant kill
  • Portable, cordless and battery operated - includes the detachable 'Rat Inside' Indicator, a 2.5m lead with a LED
  • Simple to use


  • Humanely kills rodents in just seconds
  • Place anywhere - detachable indicator allows placement in inaccessible locations such as ceilings and walls
  • Easy to set. Simply bait and turn on - no poisons, no dangerous spring traps