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SealesWinslow Fodder Beet Lick Block 25kg


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Product Description

Fodder Beet Block is a portable, easy-to-use molasses block that has been formulated to provide mineral support for stock grazing fodder beet


  • Supplies dietary phosphorus, as well as magnesium, calcium, sodium and a range of trace elements
  • Designed to be placed at the crop face under the fence in front of the cows
  • It is manufactured in New Zealand to strict quality standards
  • Available in 25kg tubs
  • Two tubs per 100 head of stock will supply the recommended dose


  • Helps prevent the development of phosphorus deficiencies in cattle
  • Convenient – blocks are easily placed under the fence in front of the cows and are simple to move as the fence is shifted
  • Helps prevent trace element deficiencies which are more likely when stock are grazing bulb-based winter forage crops
  • No wastage – unlike dusting, there is no wastage from the molasses block; the product goes into the cows, not into the ground
  • Palatable – the molasses-based formula ensures that stock lick the block often enough to ingest the recommended daily dose
  • Supports the cow’s health through the winter months