Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food Meaty Selections 9.1kg

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Product Description

WHISKAS Adult Dry Cat Food Meaty Selections 9.1kg Bag is 100% complete and balanced food for adult cats.

As the makers of Whiskas we love cats for their independent spirits but understand they still need love and care.

We know that cats are carnivores and crave animal protein just like big cats in the wild. That's why we have real chicken, salmon, tuna or lamb in all of our products.

The crunchy kibble and soft meaty centre of delicious pockets make whiskas food for cats with real chicken the evolution of great tasting nutrition.


  • MEAT - Cats are natural carnivores and they need a lot of protein in their diet to stay healthy and active. It is essential for growth and muscle tone, as well as providing a source of energy
  • VITAMINS AND ANTIOXIDANTS – Whiskas® offers quality ingredients ,dairy products, vegetables, liver, kidney, yeast and grains
  • MINERALS in Whiskas® such as calcium and magnesium are important for keeping teeth and bones strong, and essential for growth and body function
  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS in Whiskas® encourage healthy skin and a shiny coat. They also help enable a healthy metabolism
  • FIBRE in Whiskas® promotes a healthy digestive tract, as well as aiding hairball transition through the digestive system
  • Every serving is a COMPLETE and BALANCED meal, perfect for a happy and healthy cat


  • Essential nutrients for a healthy skin and coat
  • Crunchy texture of kibbles helps clean your cat's teeth
  • Double basted with natural juices for the taste that cats love