Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

PKE is a high quality by-product produced from the mechanical extraction of oil from the fruit of the oil palm.

Advantages of PKE

  • Non-acid producing foodstuff with low levels of starch and sugar.
  • Excellent source of oil and rumen-fermentable fibre.
  • Good source of minerals especially phosphorus, copper, zinc and manganese.

Nutritional specifications

  • Dry matter (DM) - typically 90% DM.
  • Crude protein - typically in the range of 16-18% so a medium level protein feed.
  • Energy - at 10.5-12.5 MJ/kg DM, PKE is comparable to energy in cereal grains. However with very little starch (3%) or sugar (4%) PKE is ideally suited to be fed in conjunction with a starch or sugar source such as cereal grain, maize silage or molasses.
  • Fibre -tests show that PKE has high fibre content, testing at 60-65% neutral detergent fibre.
  • Oil -is mechanically extracted, PKE contains a higher oil content (8-10%) than many of the solvent extracted oilseed meals. Palm oil is a saturated fat that is largely rumen stable, and does not interfere with rumen function.
  • Minerals - calcium 0.45% (average), phosphorus 0.6% (good), magnesium 0.3% (adequate), sulphur 0.2% (low), sodium 0.009%, (very low), copper 24ppm (high - field liver testing shows copper to be relatively available), zinc 42ppm (average), manganese 224ppm (high), molybdenum 0.3ppm (average), cobalt nil.
  • Starch - PKE contains virtually no starch so is an ideal feed when energy intake is inadequate and grain or maize feeding limits have been reached.

Storing PKE on farm

PKE is delivered on farm in bulk truck or truck and trailer loads (10/20/30 tonne) and must be stored in a dry environment. It is recommended that PKE is used within 40-50 days of delivery.

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