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Ancalf Calf Milk Replacer 20kg


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Product Description

New Zealand’s full curding whole milk powder based CMR, trusted by kiwi farmers since 1966.


  • Nutrient profile almost identical to raw whole milk, suitable for use from day 4
  • 26% protein and 20% fat primarily from whole milk powder
  • High casein component for a strong curd, like nature intended
  • Provides Actigen® prebiotic to support calf health by preventing some bad bacteria (gram negative bacteria) populating the intestine
  • Contains Coccistop® coccidiostat, plus specific vitamins and minerals
  • Can be used in automatic feeders or for fortifying whole milk


  • Provides calves with the very best start to life
  • Provides essential nutrition for growth plus butyrate from milk fats, which is important for rumen development in young calves
  • Good curd for initial digestion in the stomach and improved nutrient supply & uptake
  • Actigen® enables the gut to function more efficiently, liberating nutrients for health and well-being
  • Coccistop® helps combat the effects of coccidiosis. Safe for dogs and horses
  • Fortifying whole milk helps increase solid content and achieve nutritional consistency
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