Skinnies Conquer SPF50 Sunscreen 100ml

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Product Description

Sport sunscreen that won’t sting your eyes. Durable SPF50+ spreadable gel, that is perfect for the outdoor adventurer & ocean enthusiast with 4 hours water resistance.


  • Use a pea sized blob for your face, neck and ears.
  • Made with no water, Skinnies is a spreadable gel (not a lotion, block or spray) that rubs in clear.
  • Skinnies won't sting your eyes or run when you sweat.
  • NO parabens, preservatives, alcohol or fragrances. Vegan friendly.
  • Perfect for all ethnicities and skin types.
  • Made in New Zealand for some of the harshest sun conditions in the world.


  • Use 5 times less than typical sunscreens because Skinnies is not diluted with water. Normal sunscreens are made using 50-70% water.
  • Rubs in clear and doesn't leave you looking white and greasy.
  • Heavy duty all day protection for work and play.
  • 4 hours water resistant, reef safe and doesn't run into your eyes when you're doing performance sport.
  • Acts like a concentrate so 100ml is equivalent to 500ml of normal sunscreen.
  • Perfect for on farm use, put it on at the start of the day and be protected all day.
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