Treat captive bolts like firearms - safety first always

Treat captive bolts like firearms - safety first always

1 July 2017

The humane destruction of livestock is an unpleasant, but necessary part of farming life. Whatever the reason for destroying an animal, the process should always be carried out in a humane and effective manner.

Using a Captive Bolt device is one way of ensuring a humane death is achieved. The device does not require a licence to operate but owners need to be aware that a captive bolt device can be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Safety must be a priority when using and storing the device.

A comprehensive Instruction Manual is included with your captive bolt purchase and anyone using the device should read these carefully. The Instruction Manual should always be stored together with the device and activators.

Storing your device securely will help prevent untrained operators gaining access and using the device in an inappropriate manner. A good rule of thumb is that if someone is not trained, they should not be using your Captive Bolt.

Best practice guidelines recommend Captive Bolts should be treated in the same way as a firearm:

  • Maintain your Captive Bolt in line with the product’s Safety Instruction Manual guidelines provided
  • Ensure you are operating the device in a discreet, safe and secure environment
  • Never leave a loaded device unattended
  • Always unload the device prior to cleaning, maintenance or storage
  • Unused activators and the Captive Bolt device should be protected from moisture and excessive heat when stored/not in use
  • Always store the device securely to prevent access by unauthorized users
  • Your Captive Bolt Device must be thoroughly cleaned after every use

Captive Bolt activators are available in several different strengths. Make sure the correct charge is used for the varying classes of stock to be euthanized - failure to use the correct charge could result in an ineffective, less humane kill.

It is important to get this process right. Before using a captive bolt, it is strongly recommended to take instruction on the correct use from a veterinarian or experienced user.

For more information on Shoof Captive Bolt device and activators, talk to your local Fonterra Farm Source Technical Sales Rep.

Article supplied by Shoof International Ltd