Easy solar-powered fencing is more affordable than ever

31 March 2015

Innovations in technology mean solar-powered electric fencing has become a popular and cost-effective option for electrifying both temporary and permanent fences.

For large-scale farmers, solar power is a good option for using remote blocks of land where mains power is not available. For lifestyle farmers, solar power is a simple and practical method for electrifying fences.

As a leading electric fence manufacturer, Tru-Test Group recognise the increase in demand for solar-powered fencing and has developed an affordable and versatile range of solar options under the Stafix brand for farmers wanting or needing to use solar-powered fencing.

For temporary fencing, Stafix have improved on the popular AN90 strip-grazing unit by adding a solar panel option. The solar panel clips onto the energizer stand and when, faced to the north, provides power to run the unit during the day. The unit automatically switches to run off the four D-cell batteries when the power from the sun falls below a certain level, then switches back to the panel the next morning, prolonging battery life and saving cost.

For farmers tired of recharging and carting old car batteries around with their strip grazing units, Stafix also have two fully integrated solar units designed for temporary fencing or small areas of permanent fencing. The Stafix SXJ and SXS integrated solar energizers come in a robust UV-stabilised case to provide maximum protection from the elements, and also feature a built-in carry handle for easy transportation. The solar panel is built into the front of the case, with a rechargeable 12v battery in the rear that runs the energizer full-time. The energizer requires minimal sunlight hours to keep the battery at or near full charge, and when fully charged the energizer can run for up to 21 days without sunlight. Placement of the units is simple with both units offering the same ability to be mounted on the top of a Y-post, off the side of a wood post, or simply placed on the ground facing north.

The Stafix solar offer also extends into the Unigizer range for permanent fencing on larger areas of land. To accommodate different farm sizes and variance in available sunshine hours throughout New Zealand, Stafix offer a comprehensive range of Unigizers, solar panels and battery options to suit most farming situations. Options start from the X1 Unigizer system which will power up to 10km/15acres of fence, and at the top of the range is the X18i Unigizer solar system: the world’s most powerful battery energizer solar system, which can power up to 180km/270 acres of fence.

Each solar system includes: a high performance Stafix energizer from the Unigizer® range, a quality solar panel which carries a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, solar panel mounting assembly, heavy duty battery, battery box, compass and full instructions. The solar panel mounting assembly is designed to be easily fixed to a wooden fence post and allows you to adjust the tilt of the solar panel to maximise the available solar energy.

Article supplied by Tru-Test