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Outlaw Combination Pour-on Drench 6.5L Value Pack


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Product Description

Outlaw combination pour-on drench is used for the treatment and control of all production limiting internal parasites, including Endectocide Resistant Strains and Lungworm in Cattle. Ideal for young-stock on a dairy farm where the importance of reaching target weights are paramount to the future production and reproduction for calves.

Getting the right drench is critical as products that do not fight against resistant strains could be adding to your farms resistance problems.

Outlaw Pour-on Drench offers treatment and control of mature and immature stages of internal parasites, including endectocide-resistant strains, and lungworm in all types of cattle. Outlaw treats the three most important parasite families for economic importance. They are: Ostertagia spp. Trichostrongylus spp. and Cooperia spp. Where the parasite resistance status on a farm is unknown it is prudent to use double and triple active drenches like Outlaw.


  • Effective against all important production-limiting worms (roundworm, lungworm and sucking lice)
  • Highly effective against Cooperia spp. resistant to Endectocides.
  • Two actives: abamectin and levamisole which maximises efficacy
  • Dose Rate: 1mL / 20kg
  • Withholding Periods: Meat: 42 days Milk: 42 days
  • Active Ingredient Concentration: 10 g/L Abamectin, 200 g/L Levamisole


  • Hassle-free low volume / dosage rate pour-on application (1mL per 20Kg live weight)
  • Easy to use with less time spent in yards compared to oral products
  • Abamectin and Levamisole help delay the development of resistance to both actives to ensure its ongoing effectiveness
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