Accurate stock records have never been more essential.

Accurate stock records have never been more essential.

24 May 2018

There’s never been such a strong emphasis on the need for traceability. It’s become a normal function of modern farming life.

Traceability via accurate, up-to-date recording satisfies the requirements of biosecurity, particularly as stock moves from farm to farm. It helps manage the spread of disease and ultimately helps protect the livelihood of dairy farmers.

Electronic Identification (EID) takes care of your record-keeping needs and provides accurate, timely data for improved decision-making.

A Tru-Test handheld EID stick reader makes keeping accurate stock records simple. No matter where you are on the farm, scanning EID tags is easy with this fully portable stick reader - whether you’re in the yards or elsewhere on the farm. The keypad lets you enter data against the tag record on the spot, ensuring simple and accurate data management while it’s top-of-mind.

Tru-Test handheld EID readers are the fastest hand-held readers in the world and with features like LED screen, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and fast battery charging, managing your stock records and movements is no longer a hassle. Plus, the Data Link app means data transfer is a breeze and you can save precious time by emailing it straight from your phone.

Protect and manage your stock easily with a Tru-Test EID reader – talk to your Farm Source TSR today.

Article supplied by Trutest